This brace was designed with the idea that compliance would increase if the brace were worn only at night. It is asymmetrical. The brace fights against the body’s curve by over-correcting. It grips the hips much like the Boston, and rises to approximately the same height, but pushes the patient’s body to the side. It is used in single, thoracolumbar curves in patients 12–14 years of age (before structural maturity) who have flexible curves in the range of 25–35 Cobb degrees.


Tumblr Tuesday: Lego Edition

Thrones Lego
Kids love the whimsical cheer of Lego, and adults love the spectacular violence and full-frontal nudity of Game of Thrones. Thrones Lego has something for the whole family. 

Your favorite books, comics, movies, comic-to-movies, moviebooks, and grunge acts reimagined for a Lego world. 

A Lego A Day
A parallel life lived out in Legos. Scenes of wistfulness, scenes of vanity, scenes of fruit

Lego Loki
Asgard’s most mischievous son, ransacking England and trying to relax.

Lego Roofers
Come, scale the heights of Legoland alongside its bravest citizens—its roofers—who risk their lives to repair tires and trees

Photo via ThronesLego

  1. Camera: Nikon D70
  2. Aperture: f/5.6
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 150mm


This is one of my favorite superfood snacks! Oven Baked Zucchini chips are easy to make and under 100 calories per serving!

Click here for full directions!

Zucchini chips - the superfood snack. Love these

What was amazing was the audience frozen in rapt attention, the simultaneous gasps and laughter from the audience as if on cue, and the hour-long discussion that occurred afterwards.

When a hospital in South Carolina spotted bats flying through its facility, officials sprang into action launching an investigation to prevent a possible rabies outbreak. Because bats are commonly infected with the virus, any contact with the flying mammals is taken very seriously.

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